Please Help Us House Deserving Human Beings...

It was Christmas Day, in a town not far from here, when a lad of 13 excused himself from the table, buttoned his coat and escaped into the magnificence of a bright, winter day.

And yet, the boy felt anything but festive. He would gaze longingly at the grand houses, and compare them to his family's own woeful accommodations; the enclosed front porch of a once-proud century home now serving as a flop house. The hastily erected walls proved no match for the cold. Nights would find the boy and his siblings shivering until dawn in coat and boots to keep warm.

Home was a cramped and depressing space, with drunks down the hall and mice at his feet.

He lied about his address to his friends. The few friends he had...

This is what the lack of affordable housing feels like. The story is true. And it is a story that is repeated hundreds, and hundreds of times, as the working poor struggle to find a decent place to live.

The struggle for municipalities to provide affordable housing is equally daunting. Funding is hard to come by and land is in short supply. The current wait for subsidized housing has been averaged at 15 years in this part of the province.

We are driven by the need, and the realization that a decent home is fundamental to a decent life. Children are healthier and happier, and their parents spend more time exuding optimism, rather than despair.

In the end, a decent home really hits home, when you don't have one.

The boy at the top of the page is why we do what we do.

Please have a look through and learn about our organization. you could help.